Group Medical Insurance

The professional yacht crew needs dependable coverage worldwide, that’s tailored to their needs and
the yachts program. Global yacht crew Group Medical policies cover all crew members working on the
yacht and on their leisure time.

The group insurance plan commonly acts primary to the vessel’s Protection & Indemnity insurance, (P &
I), and covers for both accidents and illnesses. However, the P & I insurance is not a major medical
insurance plan that offers coverage for both accidents and illnesses worldwide, and it is in the owner’s
best interest to offer health insurance for the crew. It reduces the liability, and has a positive impact on
the P & I insurance, since medical claims will be filed directly to the health insurance company.
Some policies also cover alcohol related claims which is imperative, as there have been many accidents
in the past years.

The group plan is easy to administer, and very affordable! As the crew members change on the yacht,
the new crew member can be easily added on to the group plan, and the crew member who left the
yacht, can be taken off. The crew member who no longer is working on the yacht is now eligible to apply
for the individual crew major medical plan.

The group medical plan is a great solution mainly for the larger vessels with crew of five and more.
Everybody gets automatically accepted on the group plan, whether you have a medical condition or not.
You can add a dental plan to expand the coverage as well.

Tell us a little about the yacht’s program and provide the crew list, Flag State and approximate time
IN/OUT of the US in the next 12 months.

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