Travel Insurance

A temporary plan or short term policy is a perfect solution for you when between yachts, facing
immigration concerns, traveling abroad or waiting for the group benefits on the yacht to begin. The
temporary plans are available to US Citizen’s traveling internationally, US Citizen’s staying in the US and
Non‐US Citizen’s traveling outside their home country, (see below). It takes as little as 24 hours to take
in effect and the application process is quick and easy!

As professional yacht crew, you may spend most of the year traveling outside your home country. The
domestic health insurance plans offer very limited coverage, if any at all, internationally. When you
travel globally, you need to make sure to have the right international short term insurance plan in place
to protect you from unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Accidents and illnesses, or other travel emergencies happen, and it’s important to keep the out‐ofpocket
expenses at the minimum. Short term International and US domestic short term plans will take
care of that.

Temporary Insurance for:
‐US Citizen’s: International Coverage
‐US Citizen’s: Domestic Short Term Coverage
‐Non –US Citizen’s: Global Traveling and/or to the US


Seven Corners Short Term Insurance Options:
Suitable for: US Citizen’s International Coverage and NON –US Citizen’s Global Traveling


HCC Life Short Term Medical (US Domestic):
Suitable for: US Citizen’s Domestic Short Term Coverage


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