Individual Medical Insurance

Finding quality health insurance that will work for you as a professional marine crew member can be challenging. The marine crew career has no geographic limits, and your health insurance can’t have any boundaries either. You need a comprehensive plan that will work worldwide, and offer substantial protection. As a professional marine crew your life has risks that others can only imagine. Accidents and illnesses happen, lessen the risk by insuring your specific needs!

Health Insurance Plans Designed for You!
We offer a number of health insurance plans especially designed for the unique demands of the marine crew profession. There are both individual and group health insurance plans available. The individual medical insurance plan is excellent if you’re freelancing, and changing yachts often. You own the plan and can take it with you to the next job. The owners are usually willing to reimburse you for the health insurance premium. It will protect them financially, as well as you!

Health Insurance Solution
The group medical plan is a great solution mainly for the larger vessels with crew of five and more. The turnover of the crew on the larger yachts is less, and the group health insurance is a more permanent insurance solution. Everybody gets automatically accepted on the group plan, whether you have a medical condition or not. You can add a dental plan to expand the coverage as well.

As an individual crew member, you can choose either a short-term, or a long-term health insurance plan. The short-term plan is a perfect solution if you’re between jobs, or waiting for the group benefits to begin on the yacht. It takes as little as 48 hours to take in effect and the application process is quick and easy!

The individual long-term medical plan covers you for a year. It offers better benefits than the short-term plan, with lifetime benefits of $5,000,000. The monthly premiums are very reasonably priced, (see quote).

Health Insurance Coverage
All plans cover you on and off the yacht, anywhere in the world, whether you’re working on the yacht or on your time off! Keep in mind that the boat insurance, only covers you when you work and not on your time off! Furthermore, the yacht insurance is very costly to the owner and the premium will increase drastically if it’s used. Many owners are therefore open to the idea of paying an additional reasonable insurance premium to cover the crew in case of a medical emergency. It will save them money in the long run, instead of risking a lawsuit, or having to use the yacht insurance to cover for medical expenses.

Marine crew medical insurance is available to professional marine crewmembers of all nationalities. Whether you’re an international citizen traveling worldwide, including to the US, or if you’re a US citizen traveling internationally and in the US, we cover you anywhere anytime. If you are a US citizen, keep in mind that your domestic health insurance plan has limitations when it comes to international coverage. It most likely has geographical exclusions and coverage limitations while outside the US.

Please discuss your health insurance needs with an experienced health insurance agent.

The Marine crew health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage, including:

Medical Benefits: Up to $5,000,000 lifetime benefits.
– Emergency air evacuation
– Hospitalization
– Doctor visits
– Prescriptions
– Maternity
– Physical Exam

Suitable for:
– US Crew spending at least 6 months abroad
– Non-US Crew needing coverage worldwide, (including the US).

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