Divers Insurance (DAN)

DAN World Crew Cover ‐ $109

DAN Cover is Secondary to any other covers insurance the person may have. The CREW COVER is
designed for persons traveling by any means where they do not have a fixed city where they reside for
9+ months per year.


Dive Accident Cover including medical expenses takes care of any In‐Water dive accidents anywhere in
the world. There are no depth limits nor gas restrictions using OC or CCR. DAN World Prepared Diver
Plan gives a combined single limit cover for dive accidents including evacuation to a chamber or nearest
medical facility, chamber costs, medical costs, plus Accidental Death or Dismemberment, Permanent
Total Disability from a Dive Accident. http://www.danworld.ky

Covered Dive means snorkeling, breath hold diving, recreational diving using OCR; SCR or CCR, diving
while a recreational scuba instructor, dive master, underwater photographer, or while performing
research for a state or national government agency or university and following the diving safety
guidelines of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) or any other recognized scientific

Power Snorkel / Hookah /Snuba or other forms of Surface Supplied air are not covered. Except as
specifically provided above, a dive for commercial or business purposes is not a Covered Dive.
A Covered Dive begins upon entry into the water and ends upon exit from the water. Dive accident
cover is not extended to medical expenses for an accident to a diver on a boat or on land.
Emergency Evacuation means that, due to Medical Necessity, the Member requires urgent
transportation from the place where such person has a medical emergency to the nearest appropriate
medical facility. Emergency Evacuation does not include efforts to locate an injured person whose
location is unknown, or efforts to rescue such persons from a dangerous situation or location.
Emergency Evacuation may begin only after the injured person is made available at a location which can
be reached by emergency medical services personnel.


Medical Expense Benefits include:
100% of Covered Charges for medical expenses arising from a Diving Accident up to a Lifetime Combined
single limit Benefit of US$125,000.

As the crew cover is new we do not have it listed on the Website, thus the way to inscribe is at

Take the Prepared Diver cover, $109 per person.

When registering:
Address: State “Crew Cover”; Yacht XXXX; Type: Sail / Motor; USE: Private / Charter; Length XXXX; Area
Navigation: XXXX;
City: Home port (not port of registry but main port for docking)
Country: Country of home port

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